HANDING 90mm + 50mm PVC, PE Extruder line

img01 handing 90mm + 50mm pvc, pp, pe, extruder line



Extruder line for insulating conductors with PVC, PP or PE

Core conductor diameter: 3.00mm-20.00mm (0.75 mm² to 16mm²)
Diameter on insulation: 5.00mm-25.00mm
Output: 250kg/hr (soft PVC)
Line speed: 200m/min

Scope of supply
1.630-800mm Cantilever pay off, magnetic powder tension control
2.1000mm Dual cone pay off
3.1000mm Motorized pay off
4.Straightening tool table
5.Talc applicator
6.90mm 25D Main Extruder
7.50mm 25D Horizontal Auxiliary Extruder
8.2m telescopic Cooling Trough
9.Laser Diameter Gauge
10.High speed Printer
11.Double layer fixed water trough
12.12m Horizontal accumulator
13.42m multipass cooling trough with motorized capstan
14.Spark Tester
15.500kg Pulling Caterpillar
16.800mm Shaft type Dual Take up
17.1600mm Cantilever Take-up
18.Electrical panel based on Siemens PLC (S7-200), drives ans HMI (MP-270-10inch full color) to control the entire process.

Quantity available: 1
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